our story

Asta Lifestyle was born out of love for handcrafted products made using sustainable methods. Our core principles are based on the enduring value of traditional crafts, design over mass production and the belief that our homes should be reflections of who we are, of homes filled with designs that tell a story and a purpose. 

Asta Lifestyle is a collective of unique home and lifestyle products. By partnering with master artisans, artisan communities and social enterprises, we create exquisite collections of home goods crafted with time tested techniques. All of our items are meticulously handcrafted using local and indigenous materials using sustainable and ethical methods. 

By being a part of our story, by helping our artisans earn fair wages and support their families, we hope we can create a mutually beneficial relationship for our customers and promote conscious consumerism. 

Come along and join us in this wonderful journey of discovering extraordinary people, cultures, traditions and play a role in improving the lives of our talented artisans and their communities.